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About us

Spirituality, naturalness, electronic music, sustainability, expanding consciousness, respect, artistic freedom, recognition, healthy living and design are the pillars that have been driving us around for years. We have therefore decided - also on the basis of our own experience - to actively shape processes in times of changing minds. With the development of sustainable products, events and numerous information from the depths of our consciousness that lie at the core of a spiritual process for all of us.

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Our history

After numerous very unusual art and special advertising projects with primarily international customers, we have decided, based on our many experiences, to tackle a naturally new, very comprehensive process that fits into the time structure and affects almost everyone - this also includes environmental and ecological projects. According to the motto - understand reality.

Our Team

Together with Mike Reutner in the KALI Leader Team, concepts, events and projects are constantly being intensified, organized and further developed.


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